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Wonderful team…

From being inspired and motivated to working with Gabe Mendez and his group; has been a great experience and journey. Michelle and his team are always looking for the clients best interest, and find the best way to add value to their clients life. If you’re looking for help selling or buying a house, or something sparked your interest and are curious of reaching out and learning

Reach out to this wonderful team!

-Victor M.
Chula Vista, CA

The right people…

I don’t even know where to start. I’ve known Gabe and his dad since before his real estate days and admired how hard he hustled to build such an amazing business. When it was time to purchase my second home I knew I had to call Gabe…and I’m sooooo glad I did. From the start, Gabe made me feel comfortable, safe, and protected…we all know this process can be daunting. He connected me with with Alfonso at Point Mortgage and got me approved. I thought it would take months before I would be ready to start looking for a house but I was approved almost instantly and we started searching by December 2020. In January 2021, only 1 month later, an offer was accepted and I entered escrow. I never thought that I would find a house so fast in this market, and I didn’t think I’d get it for what the house appraised for. But I did. I also didn’t think I’d be able to negotiate things like appliances and repairs, but I did, over $8000 worth! Gabe had my back all the way until the end! Thank you Gabe, Michelle, and Alfonso for keeping my best interest in mind. This was the biggest purchase of my life and it felt good knowing I had the right people in my corner! #squad

-Vanessa R.
Spring Valley, CA

Went above and beyond…

As a first-time homebuyer, I was beyond nervous about finally looking into purchasing my first home, especially during the pandemic. I found the Gabe Mendez group and participated in a first-time homebuyer workshop with Gabe (which I highly recommend) I learned so much and from that moment I decided to work with Gabe and the team. No matter what time day or night Jenny and the Gabe Mendez group were always willing and eager to help. Jenny was the best! She kept me motivated and didn’t give up even though houses were selling fast. Viewing after viewing she was there, writing offers until finally one was accepted. Throughout the whole process, the Gabe Mendez group was just a phone call or text away, answering my questions, giving me advice, and not losing hope. I am extremely grateful for all the help and support I got from the whole team. The whole Gabe Mendez group was very professional and went above and beyond to help me reach my goal of obtaining my first home.

-George P.
San Diego, CA


Its taken me awhile to write this review because thanks to Gabe and his Team we’ve been busy moving into our new home!

I cant begin to express gratitude and explain how professional and amazing working with this team has been. In January I reached out to Gabe to learn more about buying my first home and he very swiftly held a presentation to answer all my questions then connected me with Jax as my 1:1 realtor.

Jax did AMAZING with scheduling us for showings very promptly, being available for texts/calls, giving her professional opinion on home condition and appropriate offers, giving us advice on strategies for our offers in this very difficult market and much more more. She was very transparent and educative and personable! Although I am grateful to have purchased our home, I will miss our showings.

They both worked together to commit to checking in with us frequently even when we took a short break from searching or if we were having communication issues with our lender.

Once in escrow Michelle did wonderful working with us during a very quick 14 day close. Every question was answered perfectly and she helped us connect to our HOA to ask a few questions before moving in.

In the midst of all of that we met Jenny and Maribelle who were both more than happy to attend showings with us when Jax was on vacation. Although our home hunt was quite long with no fault to this team at all, they all never lost momentum or steam pushing forward or made us feel bad for not finding a home with 30 days. They supported all of our decisions and helped empower us. In fact they further helped encourage us to continue searching even when we felt like all of our efforts were a waste.

All in all I would definitely use them in the future whenever the time comes to expand or when I need to recommend a realtor to a friend.

-San T.
San Francisco, CA

Checked all of our boxes…

I just wanna start off by saying how grateful we are to have hired such an amazing team! We hired the Gabe Mendez Group by contacting Jenny because my husband and I wanted to buy our first home but didn’t know where to start. Right from the beginning Jenny and the team have been super helpful, resourceful, transparent, and educative. It’s very nerve wracking and intimidating being a first time home buyer because it’s a big investment and you want to make sure your first home is special, but the Gabe Mendez Group absolutely gave us peace of mind by being there every step of the way and one phone call or text away no matter what time of the day. What we also enjoyed was the attention to detail. With Covid and such a competitive and limited market, they still managed to find a home that checked all of our boxes. We did get a couple of offers declined, but it’s only part of the process with such hard competition in the Real Estate world. Regardless, we never jumped into an offer and we took our time searching homes and Jenny had all the patience in the world and worked her magic to get all the showings scheduled, submit last minute offers, and always recommended what was best for our protection. Also after getting an offer accepted, Michelle and the team made sure we were informed every step of the way. Michelle was also a phone call or text away any time of day and never hesitated to reach out to help us with our concerns and answered all our questions whether it was regarding HOA, escrow, or any sort or disclosure we didn’t understand, she was resourceful and always did her research to answer all of our questions. I also loved her transparency and tuning me in on phone calls to get all the info I needed. One of the biggest victories, other than getting our offer accepted, was getting pre-approved with Christian and Jennifer. We were uncertain of the possibilities and what we could afford, but Christian and Jennifer never hesitated to run numbers for us to give us a better financial picture. They also assured that the transaction ran smoothly and answered all of our questions without hiding anything from us. Honestly, words cannot describe how blessed we feel to have met such an amazing team that works so well together and is honest and transparent to give us peace of mind. This is not a team that tells you what you want to hear, this is a team that educates you, prepares you, and protects you, which is why I would recommend them, especially for first time home buyers. Peace of mind and communication is key and they definitely did not let us down. Thank you Gabe Mendez Group! SQUAD!

– Kenia H.
Chula Vista, CA

Exceeded our expectations…

Writing a review is a lot harder than people think. I sat around for a couple of days trying to figure out what to say about the Gabe Mendez team.

First of all, let’s just say, we had no idea how competitive the market was. when I first started looking for a place for my kids I was shocked at the low inventory that met our needs, but yet the prices were higher than anticipated. when I found something that met our needs, the first person I thought about calling was my good friend Jackie. We had been friends for some time and always saw on social media how she and her team were changing families’ lives. So it was a no-brainer. She showed us a couple of properties, but then the perfect one came up. Our initial bid, which I thought was good, was nowhere close to where we needed to be. Jackie was upfront with us, and let us know if this was our dream home, we needed to up the bid… so we did. I knew Jackie and the Gabe Mendez team would work hard for us, and boy they did.

From Jackie to Michelle, and Alex our lender… they exceeded our expectations. How else do you explain not having the highest or best offer and still being chosen? If you are thinking about hiring a real estate team, that’s exactly what they are. Gabe is the team leader, and I’m sure had a lot of input on the successes. Don’t hesitate, DM them now!

-Jerry C.
Chula Vista, CA

Always putting our needs first…

To start off, my husband and I want to thank Gabe Mendez & his team for giving us such an amazing experience! Gabe and Jax, you both were amazing, as well as everyone else who helped out!

My husband and I were scared to take the first step, but Gabe & Jax made it easy by going at our pace. We were never pressured, and they were by our side every step of the way.

When we felt overwhelmed at some point, we gave them a call and expressed our concerns, they did not hesitate and calmed our nerves. They did not care that we called them during the evening, first thing in the morning, or even when they were on vacation! They made us feel important by always putting our needs first!

Mesala and I expressed from the beginning our situation, how much we could afford, and they never made us feel any less important. They made us feel as important as someone who would be purchasing a bigger home. We were blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Gabe and his team!

They are a team who will always put their clients first, regardless of what they are trying to purchase. Again, thank you Gabe and Jax, we will forever be grateful for all of your love & support in helping us purchase our first home!

-Cecilia S.
Carlsbad, CA

The right choice…

My name is Jessica Gabe helped me sell my condo as my 2nd realtor. I meet Gabe years ago like in grade school years ago lol I’ve seen him grow. over the years and always be extremely passionate about his work which I value in anyone these days.

I was in a terrible position with my condo with a previous realtor. My unit was in the market with another company at first for 3 months and not one offer during the hottest sellers market. I made the decision to go with a new realtor which was Gabe Mendez Group and knew I had no time to waste as I was losing out of pocket. Photographer was scheduled right away and let me tell you the photos were breath taking while the sun was setting and the surrounding lights glowed. They were better then I could of had ever anticipated. His secretary would check on me constantly, and communicate was a 10. They worked with me on any of my request without hesitating . Even when I wanted to give up with other issues that came up with potential buyers moving into 6 months on the market they help keep my spirits high with finally a buyer and more in my pocket after closing.

I highly recommend having the right realtor the first time around and avoid the mistakes i made.. It will save you money in your pocket in the long run by making the right choice the first time with Gabe Mendez Group and you will not regret it. Thx u for everything you and your team has helped me achieve this year I couldn’t be more genuinely greatful for this team.

– Jay R.
San Diego, CA

Best experience…

Best experience!! Super recommended you never feel like your alone there always calling you letting you what’s the next step. Our process was quick never did we think it would be this quick!!! Our dreams have come through

-Ricardo R.
Chula Vista, CA

Highly recommend…

I highly recommend the service by team Mendez, they were there always to answer all the questions we could have, Gabe will find a solution for all the obstacles that you could found during the process of buying a house, if you do apply or not they will help on what you should do.
DO NOT hesitate on contacting any of the members of team Mendez if you’re thinking of buying your dream home.

– Jose V.
El Cajon, CA

You’re in good hands…

We found out about the Gabe Mendez Team from social media and Friends. I want to start off with a big thank you to Team Mendez for making our dream come true. Working with the Gabe Mendez Team has been awesome, they go above and beyond. Always telling us “Take your time” don’t rush it and we really appreciated that from them. It was a pleasure having Jax Guzman as my realtor. She really goes above and beyond. She is very professional, friendly and communicative throughout the entire process. Jax is always available to answer any questions you may have. She worked around our schedules to make sure we could see every property we were interested in. I expected the closing process to be a bit overwhelming and cumbersome, but Gabe Mendez Team and everyone else behind the scenes helped everything move quickly and smoothly. If you are in the market for a property or looking to sell, the Gabe Mendez Team is the best agent. You’re in good hands with the Gabe Mendez Team SQUAD!

– Jerry A.
Chula Vista, CA

Help you every step of the way…

We had (and still are) been following Gabe on social media for a few months and saw how he got results. My husband and I worked with other agents in the beginning of the year but never got out offers accepted so fast forward to September we decided to work with Gabe and the team. We right away go see a home with Gabe, love it and decided to make an offer. Gabe immediately got down to business and contacted the seller’s agent. We got our offer accepted and the rest is history. If you are thinking of buying a home, then Gabe and his team are the ones for you. They are very knowledgeable and will help you every step of the way. Whenever you are ready they are there for you! Thank you for being the best at what you do

-Elizabeth S.
San Diego, CA

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