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Frequently Asked Home Buyer Questions

How does the escrow process work?2021-07-23T18:44:59+00:00

An escrow is used to temporarily hold a buyer’s earnest money until the home purchase is complete. It reduces risk on both sides of a transaction – in this case, the sale, purchase, and ownership of a home. We will guide you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

How much money do I need to buy?2021-07-23T18:54:35+00:00

Cash requirements are different for each buyer; they will vary depending on the home’s value, the type of mortgage, and where you buy real estate. Typically, the upfront cash needed to buy a house includes the down payment, 2-5% of your loan amount for closing costs, and, sometimes, at least two months’ worth of cash reserves.

What are property taxes?2021-07-23T18:58:40+00:00

Property taxes are paid by property owners and help cover costs for services in a community. They are levied on real estate by governments, typically on the state, county, and local levels.

Should I buy a house as is?2021-07-23T19:03:14+00:00

Buying a house “as-is” means the buyer must be willing to accept the house in its current condition, foregoing any opportunity to request that the seller make repairs or offer credits for problems with the property. These properties are usually purchased by investors or buyers looking to purchase a “fixer-upper” at a low price.

What do I need to buy a house?2021-07-23T19:31:56+00:00

First, you need to know if you qualify for a mortgage. If you do, the odds are you’re in good shape to buy a house; you’ll know your home loan options, as well as the minimum requirements to qualify. Lenders will look at your credit score, income, savings, debt, and documents to find out if you’re mortgage-eligible.

What is the best time to buy a house?2021-07-23T19:37:07+00:00

The best time to buy a house is usually late summer or early fall—when home prices are low and inventory is high. Winter is usually the cheapest time of year to purchase a home. However, keep in mind, no one can predict real estate trends with 100% accuracy so don’t let this make or break your home-buying decision.

How long does it take to buy a house?2021-11-16T14:29:53+00:00

Buying a house is a fairly lengthy process; the average time it takes to buy a house is 4 to 5 months but this is not always the case. This timeline depends on factors that are unique to you and your transaction. For a more accurate house buying timeline get in touch with us today.

How much is a down payment on a house?2021-07-23T20:27:45+00:00

With conventional financing, putting at least 20% down can improve your chances of getting approved and locking in a lower rate (and monthly payment). However, 20% down payments aren’t strictly required; the typical down payment for 60% of first-time homebuyers is 6% or less, according to NAR’s latest data. There are different types of loans that require lower down payments or no down payment at all.