2 Years of tax returns (W2 or 1099’S)

Mortgage lenders want to get the full story of your financial situation. You’ll need the last two years for both you and your spouse if you’re married. If you haven’t yet filed your federal tax return yet for last year, find the two previous years’ returns. Make copies, and be sure to include all schedules.



30 Days of paystubs

Lenders may ask to see your pay stubs from the past month or so. Your tax returns help give them a clear idea of your overall financial health, while pay stubs help them gauge your current earnings. If you’re self-employed or have other sources of income (such as child support), you may need to show your lender proof through 1099 forms, direct deposits, or other means. Make photocopies. Don’t send originals.



2 Months of bank statements

When assessing your risk profile, lenders may want to look at your bank statements and other assets. Lenders typically request two or three months’ worth of bank statements. Make a copy from each institution and include every page—even blank pages. Make a copy of each asset statement if you own stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or retirement accounts. Make photocopies. Don’t send originals.



2 Forms of identification

This is simply to prove you are who you’re claiming to be. You can bring your driver’s license with you for identification and reproduction if you’re meeting with the lender in person. Otherwise, make a copy of your license; it should include your photograph. The other form of identification must have your name printed on it, such as a Social Security card, credit/debit card, insurance card, wholesale membership card, library card, etc.



Established credit – don’t worry it may not need to be as high as you think

In order to assess you as a borrower, lenders often pull your credit report — with your verbal or written permission. You may need to explain any blemishes on your credit report. Blemishes might include a previous short sale or a foreclosure. This helps a lender evaluate what kind of risk you are.

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